Women in Arts, Literature, and Science: The Sound of Silence


Although still without the expressiveness observed in other countries, feminist,  women’s and gender studies have attracted a considerable number of scholars to the  Portuguese academy, as can be seen by the number of postgraduate studies, seminars  and lectures instituted and organised in recent years, as well as by the titles of some  studies, mainly in the form of Master’s dissertations and PhD theses. These works have  revealed to us names, actions, and contributions of those who, being women, have  contributed to the affirmation and development of the most diverse areas of  knowledge and artistic and literary creativity. Names that, for multiple reasons, have  remained unknown, hidden, or simply forgotten.
Trying to give voice to some of these women, the Course that we are now proposing  and that we would like to continue in future editions of the ‘Summer School’ of the  University of Évora, with other topics and trainers, will gather, for the first time in the  Portuguese university panorama, a group of researchers who, directly or indirectly,  have produced knowledge and reflection on this subject, from the areas to which they  have been dedicating themselves.
Aimed at introducing, in some cases, deepening, in others, and launching research  tracks for those who wish to develop studies on women, the Course will also count  with the collaboration of two important local and national institutions: the National  Museum Frei Manuel do Cenáculo, where the afternoon dedicated to women and the  arts will take place, and the Évora Public Library, which will host the afternoon  dedicated to women and the arts and where a small exhibition of bibliographical  references will take place internally.
The Course will also contribute to the fulfilment of some of the ‘Sustainable  Development Goals’ defined by the UN, namely regarding its numbers 4 (‘Quality  Education’) and 5 (‘Gender Equality’).


Ana Cristina Martins


Ana Cristina Martins
Ana Cardoso de Matos
Luísa Vilela
Sandra Leandro
Galera Soler
Joana d’Oliva Monteiro
Emília Ferreira

Responsible Unit

IHC – Institute of Contemporary History, University of Évora


University students, master’s students, doctoral students and interested professionals from social sciences.


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Students: 60€
General public: 110€

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Detailed program

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14h to 18h

When 20th to 23rd of July
Duration 16hours | 4 days
Language Portuguese, English
Venue Colégio do Espírito Santo, Palácio do Vimioso da Universidade de Évora, Museu Nacional Frei Manuel do Cenáculo, Biblioteca Pública de Évora, Portugal