For undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, advanced courses in several scientific areas are available. This courses are designed in order to promote new competencies, providing, simultaneosly, networking opportunities, leading to a creative and innovative working environment. For the general public, it provides access to training in various areas of knowledge.

For high school students the challenge is to participate in the UÉvora Junior Summer School which offers an unique opportunity to discover what it’s like to be at the University as well as to live in the city of Évora. Between 19 and 23 July, we propose you to experience the life of undergraduate students. Start drawing your future. It starts now.

How will you transform this summer?
The answer is a program in which participants are challenged to reach their full potential. In a stimulating environment, conducive to creativity and innovation, UÉvora Summer School is a unique opportunity to acquire new skills while discovering the campus of UÉvora and the city of Évora. Connect with peers from across Portugal and around the world. Take the opportunity to experience the unique activities available on campus and in the culturally rich city of Évora. UÉvora Summer School is an inspiring proposal to shape your future.
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Get Inspired
Get Inspired
The recipe for a great experience

Courses for all: undergraduate and graduate students from Portuguese and international higher education institutions, portuguese high school students, professionals in various fields, researchers and the public in general.

The initiative may be conditioned by the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic